Some Efficacious Features and Accessories of Industrial Furniture

Modern research and lab experiments often involve elaborate chemical procedures, wherein specialists need to work with a number of volatile components. Quite naturally, ordinary furniture is not suitable for carrying out these experiments. Any professional laboratory, whether it’s a clinic or a research lab, accommodates premium quality lab furniture pieces, which are ergonomically designed to meet the demands of laboratory operations. Since the procedures require working in tough industrial conditions, any industrial-grade lab furniture is recommended.

Depending on the nature of the lab activities, there are various kinds of furniture items available, from stainless steel workbenches, height adjustable worktables to laminar fume hoods, specially designed to withstand tough working conditions. Besides having ergonomic properties like corrosion resistance, heavy-duty lab furniture come with a broad array of beneficial features and accessories. The following list discusses some of the expedient features and accessories of lab furniture:

  1. Shelving

Considering the nature of lab operations, it is not possible to imagine lab furniture without proper storage solutions. Efficient storage solutions include a variety of components, and accessories like drawers, removable riser, flow rack shelves, bin panel storage are only to name a few. Based on the applications, there are various types of drawers on offer, ranging from metal drawers, ABS plastic drawers to plastic-laminate drawers.

Industrial furniture

  1. Power Sources

Lab operations often involve working with a variety of tools and components, and most of them require high-voltage power to function properly. This is why, many lab furniture manufacturers design their lab furniture with power sources, which often include articulating monitors, keyboard tray, tool boards, and high voltage power outlets.

  • Ergonomic Tabletops

Speaking of lab furniture, one of the most essential components of a functional workplace is workbenches. Specially manufactured for laboratory operations, the worktables are built with industrial-grade stainless steel for heavy-duty applications. While stainless steel is widely preferred for its chemical resistant properties, manufacturers also use materials like plastic and laminates to create efficient furniture. The most beneficial aspect of these tables is the tabletop, which is built according to ergonomic principles. Buyers can expect a number of interesting features, from blunt edges to corrosion resistant desks, which can mitigate any workplace hazards.

  1. Additional Features

Aside from the standard features of lab furniture, many manufacturers also include additional features and accessories in their products, enabling users to optimize their overall productivity. Workplace injuries being one of the greatest challenges in laboratories, additional features and accessories, such as manual hand clank, electric switch hydraulic lift system, tilting top, height adjustable legs, and industrial casters, are a boon to workers, expediting the procedures.

Lab experiments are an indispensable part of all forms of scientific research, and quality lab furniture plays a pivotal role in the quality of research work. To optimize the functionality of lab furniture, most lab furniture suppliers accommodate industrial furniture accessories in their furniture line, offering tremendous flexibility to users. With the market booming with diverse retail chains, finding the right provider has become an enervating job. While there are several determining factors of quality lab furniture, these additional features are definitely something to watch out for. In any case, lab furniture components are a long-term investment, which adds value to a workplace, so it doesn’t harm to spare a few hours on research to ensure the best results.

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