Multipurpose Light Tables for Drawing and Specialized Projects

Do you need a light table for drawing? How about an inspection light table? What about an industrial multifunctional designed light table for your work environment? Whichever style you need, it’s best to do your due diligence before making your purchase.

Diverse Light Tables for Your Creative Needs

If you are an artist or professional who draws, sketches, drafts, works with transparencies or investigative materials, then choosing the right drawing or inspection light table is a serious investment.

Drawing Light Table

Drawing light tables are an artist’s best friend. In addition to owning paper graphite pencils, pens, ink, brushes, chalk, pastels, and an array of drawing materials, a table for drawing that offers a home to all your drawing materials, is spacious and provides a lit environment to work in is essential to bring your creativity to life.

The most effective light tables are designed to be versatile in height and adjust from a flat to a tilted angled surface making it convenient to work in diverse artistic/technical fields. Some drawing tables come with slide drawers to store paper or finished work. Moreover, the table top is made of tempered safety glass lit by high powered LED lights that illuminate and enhance your workspace. And, most drawing tables come with little storage drawers juxtaposed to either the right or left leg where you can store your pencils, rulers, inks, etc.

Inspection Table

There are two types of inspection tables: industrial multifunctional and drawing/viewing tables.

Industrial Multifunctional

Industrial multifunctional inspection tables are designed to provide a working area for technology companies that process investigations and/or assemble parts. The majority of these tables are made from steel or extruded aluminum structures that adjust to height, have a steel top, a deep steel pan, and are mounted on dolly type rolling legs that can be locked by casters.

Inspection Drawing Light Table

These industrial drawing tables are designed as quadrilateral workspaces with adjustable, plexiglass and/or acrylic viewing work surfaces. The workspace area is lit underneath with 5000k daylight LED lamps that produce an even illuminated working area for viewing transparencies, drawing, and illustrating.

How to Choose the Right Workspace

Whether you are looking to buy a light table for drawing or inspection light table, you must consider the available functions, space, and design specific to your needs. It is always a good idea to prioritize and make a list of your needs when looking to buy a light table for sale.

If you are looking for a light table for drawing, you may want to consider the following prior to your purchase:

  • Do you need a large or small workspace?
  • Do you prefer to work on a flat surface or adjustable surface?
  • What is the maximum height the table adjusts to?
  • Do you need additional storage space?
  • What will you use the table for?
  • Do you need to travel with it?

If you are looking for an inspection light table, you may want to consider:

  • What will the table be used for? Industrial multifunctional or a drawing tool?
  • Do you need a small or large workspace
  • Will LED or fluorescent lights work best with the materials you use?

Most importantly, when searching for a light table for sale, be cautious when you purchase from online merchants. You may want to visit art stores to see what the table looks like before you place your order.

Always keep in mind that light tables are expensive and an investment that will help you in your future endeavors. The table you chose must provide you with a flexible and functional workspace, come with built-in bright lights, provide storage space, and be sturdy and durable.


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