Five Reasons to Choose a Heavy Duty Cart for Your Material Handling Needs

In almost every industry, heavy duty utility carts play an important role in handling materials. From the shop floor to the laboratory to the warehouse, industrial carts are indispensable for transporting and storing products, tools, supplies, and equipment. With their mobility and rugged construction, they are a workhorse for industrial applications.

Here are 5 reasons why a durable mobile cart is a good choice for your heavy duty material handling and storage needs.


Because industrial carts can be put to many uses, they are one of the most popular and in-demand pieces of equipment in the workplace. Depending on your need, they can be adapted to almost any work environment and configured to suit a wide variety of uses, including:

• cleanrooms
• classrooms
• electronics
• chemicals
• shipping and receiving
• packaging
• manufacturing
• wood and metal shops


Heavy duty utility carts can help transport materials safely and ergonomically by eliminating the need for workers to lift or carry certain items. They can reduce the use of awkward postures and strenuous lifting which helps minimize the risk of worker injury. Carts also minimize the risk of products and materials being accidentally dropped or damaged. Whether you are moving hazardous chemicals, heavy equipment, or expensive materials, mobile carts are helpful tools for enhancing workplace safety and promoting proper ergonomics.


Industrial carts can help workers handle materials efficiently by ensuring that materials are available when and where workers need to use them. This is especially useful in environments where the materials or equipment must move with the worker or from one worker to another. A repair technician that needs to take a tool cart from one repair location to another or new parts that need to move from one inspector to another are examples of using carts to move materials efficiently. Specialized cart configurations can address many mobile needs including:

• tool storage
• panel storage
• drying racks
• roll dispensing
• small part bins
• shelving
• computer workstations
• material handling surfaces


When a room layout needs to flex depending on the work at hand, mobile carts make it easy to move equipment and reconfigure work areas. In addition, carts come in a variety of standard sizes and custom dimensions with optional features that provide the flexibility to meet many user-specific needs. If electrostatic discharge (ESD) is a concern, carts can be equipped with static dissipative work surfaces, ionizing systems, and grounding ports. Other optional cart features include:

• cleanroom compatibility
• chemical resistance
• lift system (hydraulic or manual)
• tilting top
• storage bins
• cabinets
• shelves
• drawers
• power strips
• computer monitor and keyboard tray
• overhead lighting


With their rugged, heavy-duty construction, industrial mobile carts are built to last in tough environments and will provide many years of reliable service. They are durably constructed of stainless steel or welded tubular steel frames. The cart top material is customizable for the intended use whether it be electronics, food, chemicals, or cleanrooms. Typical material options for cart tops include:

• laminate
• wood
• masonite
• aluminum
• rubber
• stainless steel
• Corian®

No matter the application a heavy duty utility cart is a smart choice for simplifying your material handling and storage needs. With many standard options and a wide variety of customizable features, there is no limit to the configurations and uses that are possible. In addition, their durability and versatility make them an investment that will be useful for years to come.

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