An Efficient and Effective Lab Needs Quality Laboratory Casework

Why an Efficient Lab Needs Quality Casework

Laboratories are centers of productivity and accomplishment, but the rate of that productivity is largely influenced by the condition of the workspace. A properly organized lab enables the teams to move quickly, precisely and safely. This is where quality laboratory casework makes a remarkable difference. These systems of lab cabinets, counters and shelving can be customized to meet the specific needs of any lab and maximize the efficient use of the workspace. These sections are placed exactly where they will be the most useful and each area plays a vital role.

Organized Cabinets

Laboratory cabinets are essential for comprehensive organization. They are available in many styles, sizes and configurations. Whether many smaller shelves or just a few large ones are required, there is a product to meet every lab’s needs. The cabinets can even be grouped with drawers for notes and equipment and placed closest to the team members’ desk area. The ability to customize these systems guarantees that the most effective configurations for any lab are possible.

The purpose of lab cabinets is not only organization but also safety. Standard cabinets will be used to keep most supplies and equipment organized, but some materials require specialized storage. Flame-resistant and chemical-resistant cabinets are available to keep both the materials and team members safe.

Practical Counters

Laboratory counters double as desk space. This is where most lab work physically happens, so it is important that they be durable, easily accessible and spacious. These counters should be made of materials, such as steel, that can withstand the daily uses that occur in the lab. Laboratory casework places counters on top of the cabinets, which makes the tablespace much sturdier than free-standing tables. Additionally, workers can speedily access the equipment and materials they may need from the storage areas directly below, beside or above their workspace. This efficient setup increases space economy. Since customized laboratory casework is streamlined (everything is kept neatly aligned), workers don’t need to worry as much about walking around or bumping into furniture. They are able to move quickly and safely between workstations.

Open Shelving

While laboratory cabinets are excellent for keeping items safe and concealed until needed, there are some lab materials that need to be easily accessible or kept within sight. In these cases, open shelving may be a better solution for above-counter storage than closed cabinets. This system is ideal for materials that are used often, may need to be reached quickly or should be kept within sight while not directly in the work area. Open shelving also lends the lab an unrestricted atmosphere. However, to avoid accidents, it is important to ensure that the shelving is high quality, sturdy and secure. Employees often move quickly and rely on the stability of their furniture.

Customized laboratory casework enhances the efficiency and productivity of any lab. The most effective workspaces are organized and accessible, ensuring all materials are given an appropriate storage area while simultaneously allowing freedom of movement. A quality casework system provides employees with a safer, less stressful experience and can increase the timeliness and quality of the lab work.


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