Adjustable Height Tables – Where Do I Begin When Looking for An Adjustable Height Table

An adjustable table should be an easy enough choice to make, right? There are so many options and features available when selecting a work-table that the selection process could be involved. We will break down the basic features of an adjustable table for you to help you make the decision that’s perfect for you.

Common Features in Adjustable Tables

When you are looking for an adjustable height table, you will find that there are numerous different finishes for your table. The finishes can be textured much like a wood grain feel. The tables can come in wood, metallic or neutral earth tones. The legs can come in a range of colors as well, but black and white are the most common choices available. Modular tables can be the focal point for those who have accessories they will use in conjunction with table. You will generally have the standard up-down programmable height settings available to you.

Safety First

Ergonomics should always be considered to minimize workplace safety hazards. OSHA recommends that the workstations in a given area be reviewed often to make certain that employee needs are being met. Ergonomic issues are tied to some of the most common injuries in the workplace. Carpal tunnel syndrome, sprains and tendinitis are all ergonomic injuries that can be avoided.

Durability Matters

When reviewing lift tables, you should consider whether or not the table will be sturdy and stable when fully extended. One of the signs you need to look for to evaluate sturdiness is weight distribution when the table is fully extended. The table should be completely balanced, and the load shouldn’t result in a lopsided effect when the tables are fully extended.

Customized for Your Needs

There are modularity components for many of the adjustable stainless steel table designs. You want to make sure that modularity needs will be met if you have clamps and bases that will be used with this table. Detachable elements make it possible to use the frame with multiple tops, so if this level of customization is desired, consider this when evaluating tables. There is an array of add-on accessories available like foam padding to contribute to the overall comfort of the table.

Quiet Operations

There are multiple types of adjustable stainless steel table options with different lift modes. If working with higher loads, you may want to opt for the hydraulic lift. Accurate positioning is best achieved with a mechanical style table. Pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical tables are the lift style options available.

Starting out, what questions should you ask?

What will the table hold?

Consider if it will hold equipment or larger items. Consider the weight capacity and dimensions when evaluating the various table selections. Some platform options can be lengthened or expanded in either direction.

What kind of space do I need?

If your table will be used in a crowded environment or a small space, then you need to consider a compact table. This is especially the case if you will try to use the table in multiple different locations in the office space. Aluminum frame tables and those with smaller dimensions will make it easier to move the table between different locations.

What environment will I be using this in?

There may be some sterile environment considerations that must be evaluated when exploring lift table options. There are certain steel grades that must be considered if being used in a medical or food environment. In an office environment, there may be color schemes to factor in and modularity needs when expanding the work area for collaboration efforts.

Who is using the table?

If there is just one person using the adjustable height table, then only one person’s needs have to be considered. If there will be multiple people using the table, then you may want a greater range; this is especially the case if the people using the table have varying heights.

Choosing a lift table can be a challenging process, but if you always start with your needs, you will have an easier time making the right decision. Purpose and environment are good starting points when considering the various lift tables. Discuss your options with an expert today to make the decision that is right for you.

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