Adjustable Height Tables: Lift Systems and Ergonomic Benefits

Many offices use the traditional working arrangements where employees work at standard tables within a limited space. With the mode of working undergoing massive changes, modern offices require much more than ordinary desks and workstations. Given the fact we spend a greater part of our days at office desks, an ergonomic work table has become a prerequisite for any work space. Also, sitting down for long hours can cause fatigue and lifestyle-related ailments. Adjustable stainless steel tables, which are specially designed to cater to the workers’ requirements, can go a long way in alleviating work-related stresses. Some of the ergonomic benefits of adjustable height tables will be discussed in the following segments. Continue reading

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Laboratory Casework: Making Your Lab More Effective

The right set of laboratory furniture will help you exacerbate the lab research; needless to say, a well-furnished lab is a key to great lab work. While furniture pieces like stainless steel workbenches, fume hoods, and utility carts are essential components of a highly productive workplace, one can hardly imagine a lab without casework and laboratory cabinets. Unlike regular cabinets that are easier to purchase, finding the right laboratory casework can be a tedious job, for you will have to consider a number of critical factors. This guide explores some of the essential aspects of laboratory casework, offering tips to make the most of your chosen casework. Continue reading

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An Efficient and Effective Lab Needs Quality Laboratory Casework

Why an Efficient Lab Needs Quality Casework

Laboratories are centers of productivity and accomplishment, but the rate of that productivity is largely influenced by the condition of the workspace. A properly organized lab enables the teams to move quickly, precisely and safely. This is where quality laboratory casework makes a remarkable difference. These systems of lab cabinets, counters and shelving can be customized to meet the specific needs of any lab and maximize the efficient use of the workspace. These sections are placed exactly where they will be the most useful and each area plays a vital role. Continue reading

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Heavy Duty Utility Carts: Designed to Make Life Easier

How to Select Heavy-Duty Utility Carts for Handling Material

Heavy duty utility carts are a must have in almost every industry. Whether it is transporting scientific instruments in the laboratory, moving products in a warehouse or hauling agricultural implements on a farm, mobile carts are essential. Some can even be loaded on trucks for long distance transportation.

Industrial carts are built with different materials to suit specific industries and use cases. Mobile carts made from heavy-duty plastic are easy to clean and transport as they don’t weigh much. A business may use such carts to carry stationary supplies in an office. At the other end of the scale are carts made of stainless steel that is durable and strong. These are widely used in warehouses and on shop floors to haul heavy equipment. Continue reading

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Ergonomic Benefits of Adjustable Height Tables

Rising With the Times: Perks of Working at Adjustable Height Tables

The traditional, cubicle arrangement within an office normally includes a standard desk and chair. Every work space is identical to the adjacent one. Although this layout appears neat and organized, it’s actually a problem for daily workers. Sitting down for hours at a time is simply hard on the body. A solution resides in the latest innovation called the adjustable height table. Get to know the benefits of working at adjustable tables so that your workforce shines brightly every day. Continue reading

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Laboratory Casework and Cabinets for the Modern Lab

Laboratories are much more than utilitarian spaces. As the hub of modern research work, laboratories have special requirements. A well-furnished lab is a key to great research. With the advancement in technology, the mode of research has undergone behemoth changes. This is why modern labs require much more than workbenches.  Continue reading

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Five Reasons to Choose a Heavy Duty Cart for Your Material Handling Needs

In almost every industry, heavy duty utility carts play an important role in handling materials. From the shop floor to the laboratory to the warehouse, industrial carts are indispensable for transporting and storing products, tools, supplies, and equipment. With their mobility and rugged construction, they are a workhorse for industrial applications.

Here are 5 reasons why a durable mobile cart is a good choice for your heavy duty material handling and storage needs.


Because industrial carts can be put to many uses, they are one of the most popular and in-demand pieces of equipment in the workplace. Depending on your need, they can be adapted to almost any work environment and configured to suit a wide variety of uses, including: Continue reading

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Adjustable Height Tables – Where Do I Begin When Looking for An Adjustable Height Table

An adjustable table should be an easy enough choice to make, right? There are so many options and features available when selecting a work-table that the selection process could be involved. We will break down the basic features of an adjustable table for you to help you make the decision that’s perfect for you.

Common Features in Adjustable Tables

When you are looking for an adjustable height table, you will find that there are numerous different finishes for your table. The finishes can be textured much like a wood grain feel. The tables can come in wood, metallic or neutral earth tones. The legs can come in a range of colors as well, but black and white are the most common choices available. Modular tables can be the focal point for those who have accessories they will use in conjunction with table. You will generally have the standard up-down programmable height settings available to you. Continue reading

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Laboratory Workstations: Versatility, Durability and So Much More!

Maintaining functional laboratory workstations is critical to both efficiency and personal convenience. Over the years, manufacturers of such furniture have tweaked designs to maximize ergonomic comfort. By understanding the different options available, one can create a workspace that meet individual and professional needs.

There are four beneficial features that can transform the working environment: versatility, durability, safety, and utilities. The combination of these four elements can help build the ideal system.


An effective way to make a laboratory workstation more versatile is to install a robust fume hood. Such devices are critical for ensuring that the room contains fresh, breathable air. Additionally, they assist in venting out any potentially toxic fumes that are known for having damaging effects to human health. Continue reading

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Multipurpose Light Tables for Drawing and Specialized Projects

Do you need a light table for drawing? How about an inspection light table? What about an industrial multifunctional designed light table for your work environment? Whichever style you need, it’s best to do your due diligence before making your purchase.

Diverse Light Tables for Your Creative Needs

If you are an artist or professional who draws, sketches, drafts, works with transparencies or investigative materials, then choosing the right drawing or inspection light table is a serious investment.

Continue reading

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