Chemical Fume Hoods: Benefiting the Industrial Space

Experiments conducted in the laboratory often require highly volatile chemicals, strong acids, and bases. Chemical fume hoods have gained popularity rapidly in the industrial and research space because of their ability to properly dispose of harmful gases released during experiments. The term “fume hood” itself signifies an enclosed device that has the capability of drawing air inward with the help of mechanical ventilation. Continue reading

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Some Efficacious Features and Accessories of Industrial Furniture

Modern research and lab experiments often involve elaborate chemical procedures, wherein specialists need to work with a number of volatile components. Quite naturally, ordinary furniture is not suitable for carrying out these experiments. Any professional laboratory, whether it’s a clinic or a research lab, accommodates premium quality lab furniture pieces, which are ergonomically designed to meet the demands of laboratory operations. Since the procedures require working in tough industrial conditions, any industrial-grade lab furniture is recommended. Continue reading

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Ways to Prevent the Contamination of Lab Samples with Laminar Flow Hood

Laboratory flow hoods, also known as laminar flow hoods, are common entities in scientific labs these days. With a broad range of hoods on offer, each flow hood comes with a specific set of benefits. While the primary purpose of a laminar flow workstation is checking the contamination of scientific samples, the equipment also plays a huge role in ensuring the accuracy of lab research, experiments and testing. In many cases, especially in microbiological labs, the experiment area is often alienated from the rest of the lab, shielding the workers against potential contaminations. At any rate, flow hoods have become a prerequisite component in kinds of scientific labs, from chemical labs to clinics. This article explores some of the essential aspects of laminar flow hoods, shedding light on the purpose and applications of these efficacious solutions.

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Chemical Fume Hoods: An Overview

A modern laboratory is not restricted to a utilitarian space, as it serves as a hub of research activities. Since lab experiments require working with highly reactive chemicals and pathogenic substances, laboratories demand specially designed furniture. Among the most popular variants of lab furniture, chemical fume hoods have gained recognition for their efficacious attributes. By definition, a fume hood denotes an enclosed device, which is specially designed to draw air inward using mechanical ventilation. Popularly known as laboratory fume hoods, these devices are responsible for controlling the exposure to hazardous substances. This article offers an overview of lab fume hoods, discussing some of the essential aspects of this beneficial furniture.

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Heavy Duty Utility Carts: Uniquely Designed, Making Life Easier 

A functional work space is essential to boost the morale of the employees. This is why modern labs accommodate a variety of furniture items. Among the commonly used industrial-grade furniture, mention must be made of mobile carts, which are widely rampant in various kinds of industrial settings for its beneficial attributes. Manufactured with heavy-duty materials, the utility carts have numerous applications, from transporting goods to remote places to moving office supplies from one place to another. In some cases, utility carts are also as storage units. Simply put, the industrial cart is the ultimate solution for a clutter-free workplace, fostering efficiency and safety. Continue reading

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Adjustable Height Tables: Lift Systems and Ergonomic Benefits

Many offices use the traditional working arrangements where employees work at standard tables within a limited space. With the mode of working undergoing massive changes, modern offices require much more than ordinary desks and workstations. Given the fact we spend a greater part of our days at office desks, an ergonomic work table has become a prerequisite for any work space. Also, sitting down for long hours can cause fatigue and lifestyle-related ailments. Adjustable stainless steel tables, which are specially designed to cater to the workers’ requirements, can go a long way in alleviating work-related stresses. Some of the ergonomic benefits of adjustable height tables will be discussed in the following segments. Continue reading

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Laboratory Casework: Making Your Lab More Effective

The right set of laboratory furniture will help you exacerbate the lab research; needless to say, a well-furnished lab is a key to great lab work. While furniture pieces like stainless steel workbenches, fume hoods, and utility carts are essential components of a highly productive workplace, one can hardly imagine a lab without casework and laboratory cabinets. Unlike regular cabinets that are easier to purchase, finding the right laboratory casework can be a tedious job, for you will have to consider a number of critical factors. This guide explores some of the essential aspects of laboratory casework, offering tips to make the most of your chosen casework. Continue reading

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An Efficient and Effective Lab Needs Quality Laboratory Casework

Why an Efficient Lab Needs Quality Casework

Laboratories are centers of productivity and accomplishment, but the rate of that productivity is largely influenced by the condition of the workspace. A properly organized lab enables the teams to move quickly, precisely and safely. This is where quality laboratory casework makes a remarkable difference. These systems of lab cabinets, counters and shelving can be customized to meet the specific needs of any lab and maximize the efficient use of the workspace. These sections are placed exactly where they will be the most useful and each area plays a vital role. Continue reading

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Heavy Duty Utility Carts: Designed to Make Life Easier

How to Select Heavy-Duty Utility Carts for Handling Material

Heavy duty utility carts are a must have in almost every industry. Whether it is transporting scientific instruments in the laboratory, moving products in a warehouse or hauling agricultural implements on a farm, mobile carts are essential. Some can even be loaded on trucks for long distance transportation.

Industrial carts are built with different materials to suit specific industries and use cases. Mobile carts made from heavy-duty plastic are easy to clean and transport as they don’t weigh much. A business may use such carts to carry stationary supplies in an office. At the other end of the scale are carts made of stainless steel that is durable and strong. These are widely used in warehouses and on shop floors to haul heavy equipment. Continue reading

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Ergonomic Benefits of Adjustable Height Tables

Rising With the Times: Perks of Working at Adjustable Height Tables

The traditional, cubicle arrangement within an office normally includes a standard desk and chair. Every work space is identical to the adjacent one. Although this layout appears neat and organized, it’s actually a problem for daily workers. Sitting down for hours at a time is simply hard on the body. A solution resides in the latest innovation called the adjustable height table. Get to know the benefits of working at adjustable tables so that your workforce shines brightly every day. Continue reading

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