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RDM Industrial Products specializes in meeting the needs of clients who want a mix of sophistication and traditional durability. For instance, RDM customizes its adjustable table designs to satisfy their clients’ unique size and load requirements. Their lift table selection also demonstrates these values in action by offering numerous options to modify the basic design. These include clean room standard surfaces and motor-assisted lifting.

RDM’s been in the business for 30 years. Located in the competitive San Francisco Bay Area, RDM builds staple furnishings for local high-tech firms, such as the lab tables these clients need to assemble precision products. Packaging tables also display RDM’s ability to manufacture more specialized furniture solutions.

From flow tables capable of eliminating particulate contamination to tough commissary kiosks, the company’s commitment to custom solutions is reflected in the way it can cater to each industry without sacrificing quality. Obviously, cafeteria checkouts and microprocessor manufacturing have vastly different needs, but the company manages to cater to both by adhering to high manufacturing standards. This applies to general industrial workbenches as much as unique lab equipment. That’s why RDM has lasted for three decades in one of the most challenging local economies in the world, and why they’re the first choice for so many companies.

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