Custom Industrial Furniture

At RDM we specialize in custom industrial workbenches and other industrial furniture solutions for one simple reason: To Save You Time & Money.  If you don’t find the perfect solution for your facility and settle for an alternative, convenient solution, your safety, efficiency and bottom line will all suffer.

For ALL industries, beyond the usual safety and handling guidelines, there are always special needs for specific workshops, laboratories, assembly lines or other professional facility. Here are some of the considerations most people take into account when they order custom industrial furniture:

Appearance: It may seem strange that appearance is a top concern for functional furnishings but every workplace has a clientele to impress. For example, we’ve supplied furnishings for classrooms, where an attractive environment for presentations is essential. Also, many companies require educational & demonstration facilities to share what they do with staff from other departments or the general public. Appearance is also important for morale and internal branding.

Ergonomics: Ergonomics isn’t just about comfort. It improves efficiency and safety by putting important tools within easy reach.  At RDM we can help to provide you with the correct ergonomic furniture configurations that will contribute to performance by efficiently organizing your layout to eliminate any disruptions that could interrupt your overall workflow.

Mobility: Some industrial workstations must be moved on a regular basis. At RDM, we provide top quality mobile tables and carts with industrial duty caster (wheel) options that provide the best stability and strength.  Mobile tables / carts may also need to be locked in place after being moved.  One way we tackle this problem is with floor leveling jacks, which provide a fixed, stable foundation by lifting the wheels off of the ground, leaving the table or cart to rest on fixed levelers or pads.

IT (Information Technology): Computers are essential to modern laboratories and industrial shops. Computer towers, monitors and keyboards need to be stored where they’ll be easy to reach, but won’t interfere with critical activities.  At RDM we are continually designing and developing new Computer Workstation solutions to accommodate these needs. We know the challenges our end users face, such as the need for easy to hook for wired workstations, cabling and routers.

Work Surfaces: Your choice of work surface depends upon your specific application / use. In the case of corrosives, we offer a variety of chemical-resistant work surfaces that range from laminated wood to solid surfaces, ranging in price to fit your budget. For electrically sensitive components we offer static control work surfaces. For general workstations, we offer plastic laminated tops that are durable, easy to clean, attractive and support a wide range of jobs.

RDM’s custom industrial and lab furniture solutions can accommodate the exact mix of specifications you need. Our standard models are there to help you make quick, easy decisions.  They provide a starting point, and are not a restriction to the solutions available to you. Contact us to tell us exactly what you need and we will build it to your specifications.

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