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Tips on How to Select the Best Laboratory Fume Hood

As a laboratory technician, you need to consider the overall safety of your workspace at all times. You should consider all the environmental controls before and after every procedure. One of the most popular safety components of a laboratory is … Continue reading

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Laboratory Fume Hood Manufacturers Provide Safety Equipment For All Facilities

The chemical fume hood used in a factory or workshop must be installed for everyone’s safety, and you cannot go without it in a building where dangerous fumes are created as a part of your work. This article will help … Continue reading

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Cover Yourself with the Right Fume Hood

Sometimes known as a fume cupboard or fume closet, fume hoods all are designed with the same basic function in mind. They protect both people and property from escaping gases. Fume hoods all follow the same basic design construct as … Continue reading

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5 Tips for Buying the Right Lab Fume Hoods

Fume hoods are critical components of the modern laboratory. Not only do they draw and filter harmful contaminants out of the air, but they also prevent lab users from inhaling or otherwise coming in contact with unwanted compounds.

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How a Lab Fume Hood Increases Efficiency

During a typical day in a lab, science technicians must handle a variety of chemicals in order to develop new solutions that benefit different industries. Because most substances produce fumes that are toxic, lab employees must implement procedures to increase … Continue reading

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Simple Guides to Employ Efficiency for Your Fume Hoods and Avoid Compromising Your Safety

As soon as you get your chemical fume hood, you should acquaint yourself with some of these helpful tips. This will help to keep you and your work family safe. It will also help to keep everything working properly.

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Chemical Fume Hoods: 9 Quick Safety Tips

Useful Lab Equipment One of the most useful items of lab equipment, a chemical fume hood helps protect against hazardous fumes, vapors and particles. From high school classes to large corporate research facilities, this expensive equipment offers great utility.

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Proper Uses for Chemical Fume Hoods

Architects engineers and chefs are well aware of exhaust hoods required for stoves in residential kitchens as well as exhaust and sprinkler hoods required for commercial kitchens. These hoods have the ability to exhaust suck in unwanted smoke from cooking … Continue reading

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The Necessity Of Laboratory Exhaust Fume Hoods

Laboratory exhaust fume hoods are necessary in all laboratories regardless of the experiments that are being conducted. Every person working in the lab must know they are safe from toxic fumes that may be created during an experiment, and the … Continue reading

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Questions to Ask Yourself before Buying Fume Hoods

If you’re looking for fume hoods to help make your lab a lot more efficient, then it would be advisable that you ask yourself the needed questions first. Why? The lab furniture and equipment you use will actually play a … Continue reading

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