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Five Reasons to Choose a Heavy Duty Cart for Your Material Handling Needs

In almost every industry, heavy duty utility carts play an important role in handling materials. From the shop floor to the laboratory to the warehouse, industrial carts are indispensable for transporting and storing products, tools, supplies, and equipment. With their … Continue reading

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Adjustable Height Tables – Where Do I Begin When Looking for An Adjustable Height Table

An adjustable table should be an easy enough choice to make, right? There are so many options and features available when selecting a work-table that the selection process could be involved. We will break down the basic features of an … Continue reading

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Laboratory Workstations: Versatility, Durability and So Much More!

Maintaining functional laboratory workstations is critical to both efficiency and personal convenience. Over the years, manufacturers of such furniture have tweaked designs to maximize ergonomic comfort. By understanding the different options available, one can create a workspace that meet individual … Continue reading

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Multipurpose Light Tables for Drawing and Specialized Projects

Do you need a light table for drawing? How about an inspection light table? What about an industrial multifunctional designed light table for your work environment? Whichever style you need, it’s best to do your due diligence before making your … Continue reading

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Flow Hoods or Fume Hoods – Which Should You Use In Your Laboratory?

Key Points to Understanding Which Laboratory Hood is Right for You Industrial hoods, like laboratory fume hoods and horizontal laminar flow hoods, permit safe handling of hazardous materials and prevent contamination of highly sensitive materials. They are critical workspaces for … Continue reading

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Considerations for Laboratory Workstation Setup

Laboratory workstations need to have furniture that can handle the harsh chemicals in the laboratory. This ensures that work is done efficiently and reduces the levels of dangerous encounters. There are some factors to consider while setting up a laboratory … Continue reading

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Here’s a Tip for a More Functional Drawing Workspace

If you are looking for ways to improve the functionality of your drawing work space, consider adding an inspection light table to your furniture selection. This table presents the advantage of a fully illuminated surface area, brightly lit from lights … Continue reading

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Working Principle and Uses of Fume Hoods and Flow Hoods

A laboratory is a building where experiments are conducted. There are many kinds of laboratories, and each type is used for performing a particular type of tests. The two major types are the chemistry lab and biology labs. These chemistry … Continue reading

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What to Consider When Installing a Laboratory Workstation.

A laboratory is a place where experiments are often conducted. It’s important to note, that there are different kinds of laboratories. The most common types of laboratories are the chemical and biological labs. These labs contain various types of equipment … Continue reading

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Transfer Images Easily and Accurately With a Light Table

Light tables serve as an excellent tool to transfer images from one piece of paper to another. With a light box or table as your work surface, you actually backlight your original image so you can read it through another … Continue reading

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