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The Benefits of Laminar Air Flow Hoods

Clean rooms use chemical fume hoods and biological safety cabinets to maintain safety standards for laboratory environments. These systems are often part of the overall HVAC system located within the clean room environment. Although known to be very effective, fume … Continue reading

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Proper Uses for Chemical Fume Hoods

Architects engineers and chefs are well aware of exhaust hoods required for stoves in residential kitchens as well as exhaust and sprinkler hoods required for commercial kitchens. These hoods have the ability to exhaust suck in unwanted smoke from cooking … Continue reading

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5 Questions You Should Always Ask When Shopping for a Lab Bench

As a laboratory professional, your mind is usually preoccupied with calculations, formulations and speculation, but when it comes to buying laboratory equipment, it’s perfectly okay for you to admit to entering uncharted waters. But since your daily operations depend upon … Continue reading

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