5 Practical Uses for a Stainless Steel Work Bench

Workbenches aren’t just for contractors and other masters of their trade. A stainless steel work bench has many practical uses and provides an ideal surface for a variety of projects.

5 Practical Uses for a Stainless Steel Work Bench

  1. Assembly

Adding industrial stainless steel work tables to your garage will provide sturdy surfaces for all of your home projects. The table will give you a place for fixing small household items, repairing car parts or small appliances or building a wooden masterpiece.

Industrial stainless steel work tables can withstand lots of weight and pressure. Plus, the surface is rust-resistant, which will help it keep its sleek look. It makes a great addition to any garage and will withstand the sands of time.

  1. Tool Storage

Workbenches are a great option for tool storage. They have convenient drawers for handheld tools, tape measures, screws and more. Making frequently used tools easy to access in a workbench helps projects move quicker and more seamlessly. Plus, it’s much easier to find the exact tool you’re looking for by storing it in your workbench, rather than digging through toolboxes or shelves in the garage.

Some tools benches have an attached pegboard to hang additional tools such as drills, for easy access. You can also opt to remove it from the workbench to allow you to freely move around all sides of the table.

  1. Restaurant Prep

A commercial stainless steel workbench is perfect for a restaurant. This provides a sturdy work surface that is easy to clean and hard to ruin. Stainless steel is also waterproof, so it’s resistant to spills and other mishaps.

Another benefit? Stainless steel can withstand very high temperatures so hot foods can be placed directly on the surface giving cooks extra space in the oven or on the stove.

  1. Meat Packing

Stainless steel workbenches are a great addition to a butcher shop or other food distributor. The surface provides adequate space to sort and pack meat or other foods. Stainless steel typically stays room temperature, even if you are adding cold meat to the surface.

Plus, since a commercial stainless steel workbench isn’t porous, it won’t harbor bacteria from uncooked foods. It also provides a smooth surface so uncooked food remnants won’t collect in crevices on your table and be left to spoil or rot.

  1. Medical Office

Medical offices and hospitals often use stainless steel tables in their facilities. The surface of the tables can be sterilized using superheated steam, which makes their upkeep simple. It also provides a safe surface for the biohazardous materials typically found in medical offices.

Stainless steel also has a modern and sleek look. Plus, because of the popularity of stainless steel appliances, it is typically thought of as a luxurious material. It is easy to clean as well, so it provides an attractive addition to any space.

Stainless steel workbenches have a variety of uses and will make a great addition to any home or office. Plus, with the plethora of benefits, it’s an obvious choice for you next work space.




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Light Tables to Suit Your Needs

Light tables are a vital component needed in many fields, and perhaps yours as well. Their purpose is to make it easier for the artist or person in general to view an image or series of images on top of a bright light. Whether you are an engineer, a professor, animator, or simply an enthusiast, utilizing a light table can help expedite your project at hand. There are different types of light tables that cater to the different needs of different professions. Accordingly, choosing the correct one is vital to expedite the project at hand.

*In a classroom setting: Many high schools and universities employ the use of light tables to teach the arts. Animation is one of the biggest programs that utilize light tables in a classroom setting. They are wonderful resources to use when first creating simple animations, allowing the students to build their drawings in a fluent manner from one frame to the next. If you are looking utilize these in your classroom, it is best to acquire rudimentary ones such as those that are mass produced and commercially available. They provide enough of a diameter where the student can use standard sizes of paper for their work, and can be tilted to their needs.

*Photography aid: Photographers use of light tables is a bit of a misnomer. Although some are traditional tables that have an illuminating light below a heavy glass sheet standing on four legs, the most common ones are more like studio lighting, with white lights and umbrellas. The traditional ones are used to help photography students learn shadows in a classroom setting.

*Drafting: Drafting is the art of making blueprints or graphical illustration of buildings, devices, etc. Although computer programs are widely used today for drafting, it is still vital for the drafter to be able to manually make the blueprints. For this reason, a really good light table is needed. Those that are commercially available are not cheap, and it is recommended to either invest in a good one for yourself or your company. What is nice about the commercially available ones are that the tops can be rotated, and height adjusted. However, it is possible to build your own. Professional drafters have had great success building a table to suit their needs, placing short fluorescent bulbs close together and painting the interior with reflective paint. The glass that is needed for the D.I.Y is entirely up to you, but people have had success with a clear glass top.

*In the medical field: Light tables are essential in a medical setting for viewing images such as X-rays and MRI. A lot of the bigger hospitals have suppliers that provide their light tables, but for smaller clinics it is best to purchase light tables with LED lighting. The LED lighting allows for the X-ray or MRI to greatly contrast from the negative that is produced when taking the X-ray image, making it sharp and clear. Depending on the setting, it may not be best to have a traditional, four-legged table, but an upright light table. Dentists opt for these in their clinics, as well as most hospitals.

There should be considerable thought when choosing a light table. Whether you are drawing up plans for a building, viewing X-rays at a hospital, or animating things on paper, choosing an appropriate light table is absolutely necessary.

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Tips on How to Select the Best Laboratory Fume Hood

As a laboratory technician, you need to consider the overall safety of your workspace at all times. You should consider all the environmental controls before and after every procedure. One of the most popular safety components of a laboratory is a fume extraction system. Laboratory fume hoods play an important role in keeping the occupants healthy, safe and productive in the facility. That is why it is important to choose the right chemical fume hood for the lab. Here are a few tips on how to get the right lab fume hood for your laboratory.

Know the type of chemicals you use:

Knowing the chemicals that are present in a laboratory can make the selection process simpler. The best approach is to meet with representatives from several fume hood manufacturers to do a comprehensive assessment of the chemicals in your laboratory. The representatives should produce a detailed report on the components and recommend a suitable chemical hood. The results of the assessment will also help you to make a decision as to whether a ducted fume hood is better than a ductless one.

Consider where you will place the hood:

Initial planning is critical whenever you intend to bring a new chemical fume hood in the lab. You need to consider where you will place the hood. The room’s ventilation and the movement of people affect the efficiency of the fume hood. Hence, the equipment must be placed away from doorways and air conditioning systems in order to safely remove the toxic vapor from the chemicals. Once you know where to position the hood, you can decide either to buy a table-top model or a full-sized variant. The location of the hood should also enhance operator convenience and workflow.

Consider Airflow Monitors:

A good fume hood should have a device that monitors the airflow and sounds an alarm in case there is a limited flow of air in and out of the laboratory. An airflow monitor usually warns the users whenever its velocity goes up to an extent it poses a threat. The system should notify the user immediately there is a problem in the hood. Also, choose a system with automated sash sensors that close the system whenever they detect any lack of movement after a specified duration.

Choose enough enclosure:

You should go for a fume hood with enough enclosure that allows at least five inches of space behind the sash. The equipment should have enough space so that the chemicals placed inside it do not touch the roof or the airfoil at the front. When you are working with a lot of solvents, go for a hood that has open top units to capture hazardous vapors. If you operate the hood with chemicals that can cause fire, ensure the hood you choose has enough space for a fire extinguisher.

Consider installation costs:

You need to be aware of the installation costs associated with every laboratory fume hood you choose. Every lab fume hood has its unique features. This means that the buying and installation price vary significantly .

However, many laboratory fume hood manufacturers offer installation services for free. They will only charge you for maintenance. There are a lot of qualified installers out there who are professionally trained in every facet of a fume hood system. Their rates depend on the number of hoods you want to install and the amount of time and effort it takes to install them.

In summary, you must tread carefully whenever you are choosing a hood system. We hope that the tips discussed above will give you some useful insights whenever you want to buy a laboratory fume hood.

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Professional Uses for a Commercial Light Table

A Commercial light table for standard or professional use is built with strength and quality to last. This is the type of light table for all your drafting and drawing needs. These light tables serve many purposes, some include: x-ray and other film inspections, drafting, drawing, tracing, and other inspection purposes on a lit area.

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Four Major Advantages Of Steel Work Benches

The stainless steel work bench that you use in your shop is the most important piece of equipment you may purchase, and you must consider the four things each bench does for you. A massive bench made from steel will make your work simpler, and you will receive quite a lot of functionality in the bench as a result. This article explains how you may purchase industrial stainless steel work tables for your business, what they do for you and how many you need.

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Laboratory Fume Hood Manufacturers Provide Safety Equipment For All Facilities

The chemical fume hood used in a factory or workshop must be installed for everyone’s safety, and you cannot go without it in a building where dangerous fumes are created as a part of your work. This article will help explains what you need to in a new lab fume hood, and you may make purchases based on the recommendations found within. You may select several different styles of hood to use, and each one may be installed in your building when required. You cannot keep your building safe if your employees are exposed to dangerous fumes.

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Reasons Why Classroom Furniture Suppliers Need to Carry These Height Adjustable Tables

Adjustable tables are one of the best furniture additions you can include in a classroom regardless of the ages of the students or subjects they will study and should be included in the inventory of any classroom furniture supplier. These convertible tables provide some extra work surface space that let teachers, aides, administrators, and students get more done.

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Cover Yourself with the Right Fume Hood

Sometimes known as a fume cupboard or fume closet, fume hoods all are designed with the same basic function in mind. They protect both people and property from escaping gases. Fume hoods all follow the same basic design construct as well. Contaminated air is pulled into the hood and is forced from the area in question, then is released into the outside environment.

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Top Reasons to use Heavy Duty Adjustable Industrial Workbenches

Heavy duty industrial workbenches are gaining popularity in domestic and commercial applications. Many applications in industries involve regular use of workbenches; hence, their crucial role in the manufacturing process. For this reason, the need for long-lasting and durable tables cannot be over-emphasized. Since working with table-tops require constant movement, it is important to have tables that have adjustable heights. The following are some reasons why you need height-adjustable tables:

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What to look for in a Heavy Duty Work Bench

The Heavy Duty Work Bench is a centerpiece for most workshops, garages and labs. Finding the proper bench is important if you want to ensure a safe, comfortable and efficient work area for your job site. The three most important factors to consider are: construction, surface material and size. A fourth consideration, accessories, is less vital but is worth discussing when choosing  workbenches for your workshop.

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